Doing Life with Your Adult Children

By Robin | Sat, 04/16/2022 - 16:47
Doing Life with Your Adult Children

This book is practical in its instruction and helpful with interesting illustrations and advice that you can hang onto and implement easily in your relationship with your adult kids. The book begs you to ask the question, “what kind of relationship do you want with your adult kids and how do I get there?”

In chapter 1 the title is “Your Fired!” Jim writes, “Letting our children go, letting our dreams for our children go, must be counted among our necessary losses.” And “when your children are young, they climb all over and step on your feet. When they are older and make poor choices, they step all over your heart.” I think many of us can identify with that statement.

This book will help you weather the storms, learn to communicate in a positive way, and help you to enjoy your kids as adults and not as children.


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