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My heart goes out to pastors’ wives’ as I hear their stories of heartache. Their husband may be going through a difficult time in the church. He may be wrestling with a conflict with an elder or layman. Maybe a person is critical of his preaching or he isn’t visiting enough shut-ins. One story I heard is about a couple of women who were upset that the sink was rusting in the children's Sunday School room only to find out, after the pastor inspected it, that it was dry rust-colored paint.  Or, the pastor is spending too much time on his sermons and not enough time visiting people. The service is too long, too short, not enough prayer time, too much prayer time. The worship songs are slow, fast, loud, soft, or not musical enough. These are just some of the minor complaints and conflicts. These complaints are the tip of the iceberg.

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Over 10 years ago my husband was a pastor, and we left our church that we dearly loved. We were intertwined with the people in that body of Christ and we always thought we would be with them forever. We birthed that church with a group of 60 people and nursed it and babied it until it grew up to be over a thousand. We cared deeply about the people and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraged the people to grow in their relationship with him.